Lost in pattern

I started a new project today and I am currently trying to decrypt my pattern. I think most of it I managed to understand but there is one part that says:

Continue working from 16th through 7th ??? Does that mean just starting at the beginning again working up to row 7 or working down from 16 to 7? I have no idea what to do.

Below is an image of the pattern. I also don’t get why row 1 is empty now why there is a row between 15 and 16?

Can anyone bring light into my dark??

Thank you so much in advance for your help, tips and tricks :blush:

It would really help us help you if you’d post the pattern name and a link to the pattern. Don’t post the pattern itself due to copyright issues. If the pattern is in a book just give us the name and designer if you can.

The pattern is called bean sprout bloomers by Danish designer knitting for olive. It’s a paid pattern, so not sure you’ll be able to find anything :flushed:

It is immeasurably helpful to have the name of the pattern and to be able to see the photos. The Ravelry comments and projects often address the very same questions so they are worth checking.
Work rows 1-16 and then rows 1-7 is my interpretation.
The key for the chart assigns a stitch for the squares with Xs. The empty squares may well be “no stitch” squares. That usually means that there is an increase or decrease in the pattern somewhere in that column of sts. Column one may be one of these no stitch columns until row 9.
Always start reading charts from the bottom right to left unless the pattern directs otherwise.
I don’t understand the question. I only see 16 rows in the chart, not an extra row between rows 15 and 16?

Thank you so much for your feedback. I totally forgot to check ravelry :woman_facepalming:
Yes there are 16 rows in total it’s just weird that the number on the right don’t match up like the 1 without stitches and row 15 that has no number. Might be a slight mistake in the pattern? As for the blank squares I know it’s either purl or knit depending on the side.

I will just start now and see if unclear instructions actually become clear while knitting.

Thanks again for your time and help. Very much appreciated :heart:

It looks like all the row numbers have gotten displaced down one row. The start of row 1 should be moved up to where it shows row 2 and so on. For some reason the chart corrects itself at row 16.
Let us know how it goes.

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