Lost in a Pattern - HELP!

Hi All -

I found this great pattern for slippers. I was so excited because these look exactly like the slippers my grandmother used to make before she died. But the pattern has my stumped. Here’s the web site: http://www.craftown.com/knit/knit13.htm

I am fine until row 30, after you have knit the 31 sts adding the extra strand for the middle 11. The next instructions listed say,

“Continue working 31 sts, adding the extra strand only for middle 11 sts, as for rows 1 and 2, until you have 46 rows. Fasten off extra strand, ending with row 2.”

Huh?? It makes it sound like you repeat the pattern listed as row 1 and 2 (Row 1: K across. Row 2: K 9, p l ,k 9, p 1,k 9.) but this pattern with the 31 stiches doesn’t work. The ridge that is being created for the foot gets muddy and lost.

So - I dunno what to do. HELP!


I think that when you increased on row 28, you’ll work the knit/purl row as K 9, p l ,k 11, p 1, k 9.