Lost count of rows, how do i tell how many i've done?

I’m knitting on circular needles and was supposed to be counting rows, but have lost track. Do I just count up how many v shapes I have? Or do I count upside down v’s? I thought I had 8 rows, but when I tried counting v’s it seemed more like 14! Did I just really space out or am I counting wrong? And does the row on my needles count also? Help!

Count the v’s up from the bottom. One way to help keep track as you’re counting is to use the point of a needle and count the holes in the v’s. I don’t count the row on the needles because it has yet to be knitted.

Thanks a lot! I tried counting by putting my needle in the v holes and I really do have 14 rows. I guess I should stop knitting while watching movies!

I find work on Circ’s get like that
I am supposed to do 4 rows then Shift Ribbing over 1 stitch
then when I stop to cunt to be sure I have just a few stitches to go till I M done Row #4, and I M instead on Row #6
I have had to Unknit so many rows I am not having as much fun anymore
but I have to finish this last Glove (by tomorrow Noon), then I can go back to knitting my Goddesses and STOP counting

loife is good

what’s a goddess? do you have pictures on this site?