Losing Stitches Across Row


I have tried this pattern many times but just can’t get it to work! The problem starts on the fourth row when I have to sl2. K1. P2sso. yfwd K1. I am losing three stitches across the row and I can’t figure out why. I am left handed if that makes any difference. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreaciated! Lace%20and%20Cable


Welcome to KH!

P4, K1, yfwd, sl2. K1. P2sso. yfwd K1. (P5, K1, yfwd, sl2, K1, p2sso, yfwd, K1) x3, P4.

The 2 yarn forwards (yarn overs) balance out the pass 2 slipped sts overs before the repeat. The same holds inside the repeats. Are you remembering to do both on either side of the sl1, k1, p2sso?

One thing you can do is count back over the row, naming each stitch as you come to it. You should be able to see the yarn overs to make sure they’re there.

Pretty cable stitch.


Yes, I am doing both. I will try counting back over the row as you suggested and see if I can find my lost stitches.