Losing Job

Hello all

I just wanted to let you all know I am being made redundant…sigh

And I blame UPS. My job shipping things with Canada Post, is being moved to the US cause UPS offered our company a “better deal”

I have had a huge beef with UPS for ages now…stuff going from the US to Canada…I have been slammed too many times with their $40 brokerage charges. So I started boycotting them…

Now…they are taking my job away…

So…as much as I am telling you this sad tale of woe…I am also encouraging ppl to not use UPS. (no offense meant to anyone out there who actually works for UPS…I personally have had too many bad experiences…and this one takes the cake)

Thanks for Listening…sniff

I’m sorry you’re losing your job. :hug:

I am very sorry that you’re losing your job. I’ll send good thoughts for a speedy and prosperous job hunt :hug:


I’ve been laid off twice since last October. It stinks.


Thank you for the hugs…I feel like I really need them right now…

You know…for 10 years I worked at a theatre…and every now and again…we would get laid off…no problem…we knew we would get called back…

This feels so…sigh I mean…I didn’t do anything wrong…I kinda feel…like I am being punished for doing a good job…

And there is no call back…this is it.

This year really has been a ride. Leaving the theatre, getting married…moving to a new city…finding a new job (with yarn!!)…and losing it…I will keep my fingers crossed that the next turn on this crazy ride is an up…with lots of level to follow.

It hurts…but I think it is life telling me I was not where I was supposed to be…that there is something better out there for me…

I’m sorry you’ve lost your job, Cryket, and hope an even better one falls into your lap soon.


I’m so sorry to hear you’re losing your job…But, look at it this way, there are so many possibilities…I’m not one to believe everything happens for a reason, but, I know things have a way of working themselves out and many times it just so happens that when one door closes, the next door you open holds something even better. I can totally understand the upset, frustration, and hurt feelings but try to look at this as an opportunity for something better that you may not have had if you were still working for Canada Post. :hug:

:hug: I’m sure you’ll find a new and better position soon. Chin up!

I understand how you feel like you’re being punished. Like you, I was doing a good job where I worked before. You just have to keep telling yourself that it’s because of the economy, which also led to my layoff.

I want to encourage you, though, by saying that you were EXACTLY where you were supposed to be.

God has a plan for every single person’s life, and nothing happens without His allowing it. A lot of people would get mad at that statement, but for me, it’s comforting to know that there is a “grand plan.”

I’ll venture to bet that you developed unique skills at each job you’ve held. You’ve touched many lives and been touched by many as well.

There’s no telling how something you said to someone or maybe a hug you gave caused them to smile.

Who knows what’s in store next. There’s no guarantee that it will be better.

What you can be sure of is that you’ll be EXACTLY where you’re supposed to be…for the time being.

Have a good, long cry, eat a pile of your favorite food, and do something mindless for a day.

Then, file for unemployment and get busy looking for a job. You’re going to be just fine.



I have a few weeks still…it is impending…but a certain impending…

Things do work themselves out…and I have not ever had a problem finding something before, and everyone I have ever worked with has nothing but AWESOME things to say about working with me…so I am confident there is something with my name on it out there…

It is the limbo and waiting that kinda suck…I will take it as a sign to slow down and knit more…smiles

:hug: I’ll be sending good thoughts your way!

Oh, Cryket - I feel for you! In a similar boat (that’s a post for tomorrow :P) Wishing you the best of luck in finding a new job and moving forward to bigger and better things!

I hope all good things come your way. One thing I learned from my last job is to collect all those resumes as folks do move on. Hard copy references in hand got me my job when I enclosed them with the job application.

Think positive. Good luck!!!

So many are going through this right now, sorry that you’re one of them.

Damn economy…

I’m really sorry you lost your job. I hope good things come your way.:hug:


Sorry for your pain Crycket. Bummer big time. My husband and I are going through the limbo you so well describe. That is the hardest part, so far anyhow. My husband’s company just closed so we are kind of in shock. I used to be in the theater and I’m considering going back. Not that there’s a lot of $$$ there! Have you looked around for that, or aren’t there many theaters where you are?

I wonder if there’s a forum around here for people who are freaking out do to loss of work! I (and my husband even moreso) need some kind of support group because the days are getting strange.

Well, good luck and keep us posted.

I miss working at the theatre…rather aspects of it…

Funny thing is looking back, you remember the good stuff…but not really the stuff that drove you crazy!

No…there are very few theatres up here…and I keep my eye out on the one…but they haven’t been hiring yet…

Right now…I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop…I know it is coming…but I just don’t know when…my boss figures another week or two…

I will post the WHOLE story as soon as it does though…I have been vague up til now…

You may be losing your job, but the company that you work for is losing much, much more. They’re losing YOU! I’m sure you’ll find something even better, but in the meantime, use the time off (if there is any) to regroup, relax, and enjoy it. (Chocolate helps too :))