Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Yarn

My DS (I’m going to strangle her soon) was surfing the web yesterday and saw the above-mentioned yarn. Oy vey. She wants a scarf made out of it, which is partly my fault since I showed her the Tiger’s Eye scarf that “Idratherbeknitting” made. I’m not sure how it will work up using that yarn. What do ya’all think? Should she stick with a solid color?

What’s wrong with a multi color? Can’t go wrong with Lorna’s Laces. mmmmmmmmmm:heart:

There’s nothing wrong with multicolors as far as I’m concerned. LOL! She doesn’t knit but comes up with questions like, “If you use this yarn, would you still be able to see the pattern?” :tap:

So, since I’ve never used Lorna’s for a scarf, I thought I’d get some opinions. Thanks for your input. :thumbsup:

I don’t know about using it to knit a scarf, but I’ve made socks with it and I LOVE that yarn! It is soft and very pretty. Solids, multi-colored…all are great! :inlove:

Ok, I want to be on your sofa in front of the fire knitting that scarf w/ you. I’ll do a solid & you can do the multi color.

I’ve made several multi color and try to use colors that I know would go w/ outfits or colors I know the receiver would love.

HMmmmmmmmmmmmm I’ll even bring the hot cocoa and some brownies…lol

Lorna’s Laces is absolutely wonderful yarn. I made socks out of it, too.

I haven’t seen the stitch pattern you’re talking about, but a general rule of thumb is that if you’re doing a stitch pattern, solid colors are better for those. Multicolors are great for straight stockinette stitch. Otherwise the stitch pattern gets lost in all the colors.

I just bought some Lorna’s Laces in the sport weight and I got if from Jimmy Beans online and they have some hanks that they are calling “mill ends” because they didn’t take the dye perfectly. They look absolutely perfect to me and they are very affordable!!! Here is a link:


I bought the “tuscany” and I cannot wait to sink a needle into it!!


Belphoebe: I tried explaining that to her but since she doesn’t knit, it meant nothing to her. LOL!

Snowbear: C’mon over! You may have to share the sofa with a kitten or three, but they’ve learned not to attack yarn.

annomalley: I agree that Lorna’s is simply yummy…for socks. The scarf can be seen here. The pattern that I will use is here in .PDF format. :happydance:

hartleystudio: Thanks for that link! If your socks are going to be hidden under a pair of jeans, using the mill ends sounds like a good idea. I see some colors that are calling my name. :rofl: