Loose Stitches

[b]I am working on a 190 st dog blanket from Bernat Softee Chunky … not paying attention to gauge and using 8mm needles.

Question: being a new knitter, my technique is probably lacking … my stitches are very loose … are you supposed to knit with the tips of the needles? It seems like my stitches are stretching off the needle as I am knitting quite far down, like maybe an inch or so onto the needle … the purls are especially loose … if I had them up close to the top they would probably fall off … I’ve seen people knitting with smaller needles and smaller wool and they never have any problem … maybe they are tighter knitters or perhaps I’m doing something wrong. :shrug:

Plus it’s a basketweave and not looking at all like one … perhaps its because of it being so loose, or because it’s varigated yarn???


use the pointy part of the needle, and yes you should pay attention to gauge :fingerwag: :heart: :hug:

I would probably pay attention to gauge if I was knitting something wearable … but this blankie is going to a very large dog so I’m just knitting. :heart:


It’s probably because you’re not used to knitting with large needles - they have longer tips than the smaller ones - combined with the chunky yarn. But I don’t think you should use smaller needles; it will just take a little practice with them. Is your basketweave pattern k3, p3? I seem to recall you were going to do that with 5 sts of garter on each edge. Make sure you’re doing both rows k5, *k3, p3 - rpt from *, end with k 5. Then after 4 rows or so, reverse the pattern sts - k5 *p3, k3 - rpt from *, end with k5. It’s going to take several rows for the pattern to show up; the first few will look like ribbing.


This pattern says it works with any multiple of 10, however by asking I found that 200 wouldnt work so I did 190 … it’s a strange pattern.

rows 1,3,5,7,9: k5 (p10, k10) k 5
rows 2,4,6,8,10: k5 (k10, p10) k5
rows 11,13,15,17,19: k5 (k10, p10) k5
rows 12,14,16,18,20: k5 (k10, p10) k5

After row 10 it seems to be the same thing to the end … perhaps a misprint? Unfortunately I didn’t notice it until row 10 and thought “this is odd” … so I switched to straight knit and am going to do that until near the end then pick up the pattern going in reverse to the end.

Maybe it’s because the stitches are loose that the whole thing just looks like straight knit … I’m not used to knitting with anything, big or small but I know I attempted a shawl on 5mm and didn’t have this problem.


No, the pattern’s right, I think I’ve seen that before. One of the repeats is longer than the other. Don’t you start over at Row 1 after Row 20? But if you think it looks right to reverse it, go ahead.


Right … that’s what I meant. :teehee:


Well I frogged my blanket … I measured it when I took it off and it was 67 inches long and I was on my 6th ball of yarn and only had 8 … going to start over, cast on less stitches … I was never good at math. :oops:


I really don’t have an answer to your question or advice, I have frogged more projects that I can count. I was just writing to say your dog is gorgeous and I am so jealous that you live in Vancouver. That is where my husband and I fell in love 2 years ago - at some little greek restaurant on one of the main drags through town. We hope to return for our 5 year anniversary. Gotta love the skiing Whistler.

I’m thinking you have a lot more knitting experience than I do, so I’m hesitant to offer a suggestion, but one thing I noticed when I was getting loopy purls that helped me was to make an extra effort to push the stitches close together on the right needle as I work them. If I don’t, the extra yarn in the gap between the stitches eventually ends up somewhere, and my experience was that it made loopy stitches. I was beginning to think I was just too uncoordinated to purl. Then I spent the better part of a day working on purls until they were as easy as knitting.

The thing that helped me the most with getting more consistency between Ks and Ps was switching to Conti. I find it a lot easier to switch from K to P that way, because I can just jump the yarn over the needle without a lot of fuss.