Loose Stitches with cables

OK so I decided to try calbes and I’m not happy :wall:

No matter what I do at the end of the “twist” I and getting loose stitches. I’m not knitting in the round, but it looks like the ladder of loose stitches you get between double points. What could I be doing wrong? I am putting the cable in the back.

I’m making a belt and the pattern is VERY simple, I do 5 rows before the cable, it’s 6 rows of reverse stocknette, 8 of the cable and then 6 again.

I really can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. :?? :shrug:


It’s very common. The only thing I do is try to be conscious of keeping the stitches very close together as I work them and keeping the yarn tight as I switch from the cable stitch to the next purl stitch. It’ll come with practice.

Are there any “tricks” I can try?

I’m going to pull it all out and try again. :frog:

Well I guess it does give me more practice.

You could try knitting the loose stitch through the back loops, to twist it closed. I do this on most of my cables. :shrug:


Thanks I’ll try that!