Loose stitch on DPN's and Magic Loop

I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I have one loose stitch at the very begining of my knitting when I am doing DPN’s and Magic Loop. I don’t know if it’s at the beginning or the end of the rows. I am knitting the first stitch very tight, but can’t tell if that is the stitch. And it’s just at the VERY beginning and after everything else seems to be okay. And looks great.
So, when you look at the middle of the circle (the hole) there is one very loose stitch. And it doesn’t look right.
Here’s a pic and hope it helps.
I am just using scrap yarn to figure this all out. The needles are larger than what the yarn calls for.
Any help would be great!

I have a trick I use. When the pattern says to cast on a certain number of sts, I add 1 to them. I place my marker, then I join my round, I slip the extra st from the right needle, to the left, pulling on both the tail and the working yarn to make it tight, I knit the slipped st and first tog. It also helps with the jog when changing colors!

Is that your 1st cast on loop? If it is could you just tighten the end of the yarn. Does that make sense?:??

Thanks Mary as usual. Now do you see what I mean? It was really hard to tell with the dark grey and I am glad that I tried it on larger needles so that it’s easier to see my mistake.
Hmmm… okay, I am going to try that and see if that works. So instead of slipping from the left to the right you do right to left? Then knit both together?

No, for some odd reason, I did try that and it doesn’t work. :frowning:
So, I guess it’s not my first cast on loop. DARN IT!

Okay, let me try to explain better. You’ve cast on 8 sts ? Now, cast on a 9th st. Take the 9th st and slip it onto the left needle. You’ll have to hold the tips fairly close together to keep from pulling that extra st. Now pull the tail and the working yarn so that st is tight. Now, you’ll need to put your marker on or just keep track. Take the right needle and your working yarn and knit the 9th(extra) st and your first st together. Pull the threads tight again and continue on with your round. It does take some practice…

Step One Pattern: CO 8 sts Trick: CO 9 sts

Step Two Pattern: Divide 8 sts onto 3 needles Trick: Divide 9 sts onto 3 needles

Step Three Pattern: Join and begin knitting Trick: Ignore pattern and Slip 9th or last st onto first working left needle

Step Four Trick: Knit 9th or extra st with first st on working needle. Pull up working yarn and tail until st is tight. Continue knitting first round

Note that there are now only 8 sts on three needles and no loose st or jog

OMG! You’re the BEST! :notworthy:

Did you just do these for us? Via, digital camera? If SO…:hug:

I just can’t believe you can actually see all the sts… usually my camera skills are pitiful! LOL!

Okay, I’m off to the sack… The darlin wee little one wore me out this weekend, but OH what a joy she is!

Another trick if you just have a few sts to begin with… just put them on 2 dpns and use a 3rd to knit with instead. After a few rounds when you’ve increased the number of sts quite a lot, then rearrange them and add the 4th needle… and 5th if you have a 5 needle set.

The other thing is, you can take the CO tail and sew up the gap when you’re finished so there’s no hole.

That’s great too! I think that I will try and do the two DPN’s to start off with and go from there.

She’s beautiful! And yes, they are quite clear and easy to tell and read steps. I’ll try it out tonight and let you know. Thanks again M…

Okay, did your advice Mary and it does looks better. I also casted on a lot tighter and knitted the first two rows on the tighter side. I can still see the line, it’s much tighter and not nearly as loose.
Since this is the first time that I am knitting on DPN’s with a small circle, is this what it should look like? Or should that longer now slightly looser stitch be even tighter still.
If it should, I may take this down to the LYS and ask them what I am actually doing wrong!
Thanks M…
Both examples below… :smiley:

It looks great and I don’t think you’re gonna find anybody taking out a magnifying glass and peering at it. Really, it is just fine. Now quit fussin over it! LOL! That itty, bitty, purly-looking thing will just disappear when you weave that end off and block.

Thanks MOM! I know I know. But you know what I am trying to do and when I finish the “ring” and it bites the big one because of that loose stitch, I may have to burn all my needles and take up button collecting or something. :stuck_out_tongue: So I just wanted to be sure. And promise no more fussin!