Loose pattern book/binder suggestions

(i hope this is in the correct place; it does have to do with patterns!)

so, i am getting sick of all of the loose patterns i have floating around, whether they be photocopies from books or patterns printed from the internet. i know that i could just buy a cheap binder and punch holes in the papers, but that is just such a boring solution!

so, what do you keep your loose patterns in? there are so many cute binders/books for recipes, but i can’t seem to find anything similar for knitting patterns. enlighten me, or at least give me some tips!

I use two methods.

I use a binder with plastic sleeves for my purchased patterns. The sleeves make it so you don’t have to punch holes.

I use an inexpensive file folder for free patterns. I have each section labeled so they are somewhat organized.

That said…I do end up with a lot of papers around, but it’s not for lack of organization it’s for lack of control printing things out! :lol:

I do it the boring way, lol…punch holes in the sheets and keep them in a notebook binder. If the pattern sheet is too small to fit the binder, I stick it in a plastic pocket sleeve thingy.

I only print out the patterns that I stand a good chance of actually doing. I have plenty of patterns saved on the pc because I like them for one reason or another, but probably won’t be starting them for a long time (if ever).

I use a binder to store cross stitch and sewing patterns as well. I learned a long time ago that collecting patterns can make for a lot of clutter. If I live three lifetimes I’d never get to all the patterns I had accumulated, so I learned to pick and choose the ones that I might have a realistic chance of actually getting to.

I also use a 3 ring notebook with the clear sleeves ready to go in the binder. It works great for me. I get alot of patterns online so can easily print them and put them in my binder. It sure has helped me find them when I want to use again!

i use the sheet protectors. And, they help keep my pattern in shape while i haul it around in the knitting bag!

For leaflet/booklet type patterns there’s a nifty plastic thing called a book keeper from LoRan that works for binders so you don’t have to punch holes in the patterns. I think I ordered them from the sewing catalog Clotilde. They come in ten packs. For printouts/copies I use plastic sleeves.

I do the 3 ring binder with sheet protectors also. I am totally addicted to having patterns available so I have SEVERAL notebooks organized by type of project. I have a hat boot, a glove book, a sock book, a soaker book, etc. I use the really cute notebooks so that helps to make it a little more exciting right? LOL!

Forgot to add that I also have the same set up for my crochet patterns too so I have 2 sets of notebooks for hats, etc…

Did I mention I was addicted to patterns?

it sounds like plastic sleeves are the way to go! thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

I also use a 3 ring binder and only print out a pattern when I’m ready to knit it. I have tabbed dividers so my patterns are organized by type eg. socks, shawls, sweaters etc. It’s almost full so I will eventually end up with a binder for each category plus they’re still stored in my pc so I can make a new copy in case I mark up the one I’m using. I keep track of any changes I make to the pattern so if I want I can duplicate or alter in other ways.