Loose cuff on socks


Please help. I am new to knitting but have knitted 2 pair of socks. The cuffs however are very loose. I ordered some elastic thread to correct this problem but there has to be a way I am not aware of to solve this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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It might help to go down a needle size or two when knitting the cuff. What yarn are you using and what pattern are you following?


That is a brilliant idea! I had the same issue with the socks I made. Initially i was thinking i’d decrease the number of stitches (they were toemup socks), but this is simpler… Brilliant but simpler… glad I checked in!!!


I am doing toe up socks and am using Knit Picks finger weight yarn on a #2 magic hoop needle. So going down to a size 1 needle would be really small stitches but I will certainly give it a try. I also am thinking that decreasing stitches would work ?


Spurs mentioned that idea too and it’ll work. You can always rip it out if you don’t like it or want to change the number of sts decreases.
Love to see a photo of your socks when you finish.