Loose chain problem

I have a habit of crocheting the chain very tightly and an experienced crocheter told me so. So then I tried doing it really loose and it looked funny when I started crocheting (like it hung off and looked sloppy). What am I doing wrong? Where is a happy medium?

Have you tried making the chain with 2 strands of yarn?
That’s what works best for me.

To keep from making the chain too tight, try going up a size on your hook. i.e. if you are using a G for your project, do your chain with a size H.

I’ve found that if I maintain yarn tension so that the hook [I]just [/I]passes through the loop as I make the chain, then my stitches are the right size. In other words, use the hook part (not the shaft) to set the size of your stitch. If you have to fight to get the hook through the loop, too tight…if the hook passes through the loop without touching the loop, too loose. Hope it helps!