Loose Bind Off?

Can anyone tell me a good way to loosely bind off? I’m new to knitting and the only bind off I’ve done is the traditional one, and I find that quite firm. Thanks!:pray:

Use the same bind off, but do it on larger needles. Try one or two sizes up.

I agree with Jan. I tend to do a pretty tight bind off so I go up about 2 needle sizes to compensate.

Or searcg this forum or the web via google ‘stretchy cast off’ etc. Some sewn and tubular castoffs… the k2tog castoff…

Look at Silver’s toe up sock tutorial for a stretchy bind off.

I use the single crochet bind-off - I find it to be stretchiest. i’ve never tried binding off with a bigger needle though - that would work probably just as well. The single crochet bind off is super-easy, they have a great description in the Vogue Knitting Book, as well as a good video here: http://knittinghelp.com/knitting/basic_techniques/bind-off.php

I’m a tight knitter, so I’m also a tight “binder-offer”. Going up a needle size never works for me. So, I have learned to use NO TENSION at all when I’m binding off. I just let the yarn hang, instead of holding it wrapped around my fingers as I do when I’m knitting. Now, my bind-off is much better.