Loopy Velez Cowl

I love it when I tell people I’m knitting a cowl, and I get a look that’s somewhere between a deer in the headlights, and a frightened villager being confronted by a vampire…
So I’m working on a cowl, which is my very first project with the circular needles (I really want to make some socks, actually, but I have no desire to wrestle with the dp needles.) It’s all purplely and loopy at the top (the cowl, I mean) and I wasn’t going to post anything about it, except I had the lady at the lys tell me how nice my tension is… so I am all a-glow and had to post. I’ll put up some pictures when I, ah, buy something that allows my computer to download my digital prints.

Pics are REQUIRED here, you know!! :lol:

GOTTA have the pics!! Is that the loopy cowl from the 1st Stitch n Bitch? I SO LOVE it!! WTG…pics…gotta, gotta have them :wink: