Loopy Lace Scarf

I’m knitting a scarf for my mom, and i’m having trouble with the “dividing stitches” part. The instruction for it is here.

Dividing Stitches for Pull-Through
Divide stitches onto two needles (holding two needles in right hand, work in left hand, slip one stitch
onto front needle, second stitch to back needle, alternating until all stitches are divided)
Knitting one side at a time, Knit 1 Purl 1 ribbing, for two inches. Cut yarn, leaving 8 inch tail, and
attach to other side, knit until equal length. Then holding both sections in left hand, slip stitches one
at a time, alternating front and back needles, until all the work is together again on the right needle.
Pick up pattern again, starting with row one.
Knit honeycomb pattern for 23 inches (or desired length for around the neck)

I dont understand the part that said “cut yarn, leaving 8 inch tail…” to the slipping stitches back to one needle. Moreover, when i divided stitches into two needles, the tail yarn that attaches with the yarn ball is in the left of the needle, so i can’t continue knitting. What should i do?

This is the part of the scarf that has an opening in it so that you can pull through the other end of the scarf. You’ve divided the sts alternately onto 2 needles. Now you’re going to work with one of those needles at a time. Since the working yarn is at the wrong end, slip the sts onto another needle so that you end up with the working yarn at the pointed end of the needle. (if you use circular needles you won’t have this problem). Now you can work the sts in k1p1 rib for 2 inches, cut the yarn leaving the 8" tail and go back to work the other half of the sts. Once the 2 halves are the same length you’re going to put them back onto one needle by reversing the process that you used to divide them in the first place.
Sounds like a pretty scarf. Enjoy knitting it.

If the working yarn is at the wrong end, she can either take out a row or work one more. Or maybe she was only supposed to work to the middle of the row…?

I think it’s better to leave the rows as is because of the way the sts split, one st to needle 1, next st to needle 2 and so forth. If you’re on straight needles, the easiest thing is just to back the sts from one needle off onto another and then the working yarn’ll be at the needle tip. If you do the original split onto circs or long double points you don’t have this problem.

Thanks samonmac, but i still dont understand the part of leaving the 8 inches tail and then continue knitting the other half. after i’ve left 8 inches tail, then what am i gonna do next to continue knitting.

Take the new end you have from cutting the yarn, then start knitting, you’ll be in a different spot than before.