Loopy/curly stockinette cables?

I’m trying to put together a twisting vine cable design, not unlike these…

(Source: http://www.stranamam.ru/post/7104081/)

(Source: http://mizrah.ru/rubric/2287398/)

Does anyone know how to knit to make it look like it’s looping? It almost looks like the stockinette stitches are knitted horizontally, though I wonder if perhaps they chain-stitched the vine design and sewed it on afterwards…

Yes, it looks to me like the tendrils of the vines are appliqued or sewn on that background cables and trellises. Very pretty patterns.

Thank you so much for your reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish there were another way; it’s unfortunate that they’re attached afterwards, though, since I am trying to design a pattern with a winding/twisting vine design. I imagine it would be easier and more convenient for knitters to add them in while they’re knitting rather than sew them on later, like an afterthought. We’ll see, though…

Thanks again.

For looping that intricate, I would think it easier to crochet chain them on after it is finished. Larger vines can probably be cables during knitting. The grapes can be knitted as bobbles or nupps. They are certainly beautiful.

You’re probably right about that. I was studying them for a while, and all I kept thinking was, “they look like chain stitch.” I’m not very good at crochet right now, so I guess I’ll have to learn…:wink:

Thank you for your insight!

It looks like surface crochet to me. The video shows it on crochet but it works on knitting also.

Wow! That’s so amazing–and easy enough for a crochet beginner like myself.

That’s probably the technique I will use or, rather, master before I even attempt to integrate it into my pattern design. Thanks a bunch! :grin: