Loopy and Luscious for Three Best Friends!

I finally finished all three of these wraps to take on my bi-annual trip with my three best high school buddies. We have a blast and spend a whole weekend laughing at ourselves, knitting (me) and listening to Four Tops, Drifters, Temptations, etc…good friends…good wine…lots of love. I made these as a surprise for the other three this time.
Susan in NC :muah::muah::muah:

Very nice! They’re going to love them. I love the colours!

Beautiful! You guys will look great! Have fun.


Those are very nice. I love the colors. Have fun!

Those are very pretty…they will love them!! :thumbsup:

They are going to love their gift. They look terrific.

Just perfect! I am sure your friends will adore them :slight_smile:

Hi Susan
I love the wraps your friends are going to be so pleased with them…I just wish I was coming with you sounds like a great vacation with my kind of music lots of wine (not too much for you if your knitting). xx

awwww how fun! how nice of you to knit your friends gifts for your reunion, they look great!

I would love to get one of those! you did a really great job, so much love went into them I can see:muah:

I love how the ‘thicker’ yarn looks ruffled when it’s knitted.

Is this a result of: knitting thin yarn on big needles and then thicker yarn on the same needles? What makes it work?

They look great… I hope you made yourself one too- so, you guys can go out and ‘matching’ scarves. :cheering:

Thank you so much. Yes, you knit both yarns at the same time on the same needle (#17, circular). You let one “rest” and then pick it up and carry it up the side when it’s time to use it in the pattern. The thin mohair yarn is the main color. The pattern is free and on Knitty.com in the archives. It’s called “Loopy and Luscious”. I did knit one for myself and my DIL months ago. My Corgi bit a hole in mine! I must mend it. Actually, I need to mend the scarf AND the dog!
S. in NC
PS The thick yarn is Berocco “Hip Hop” and the thin is Cascade, I think. I’ve used two different thin mohairs for this scarf. It’s like knitting with a spider web at first but you get used to it.

Those are wonderful! Your friends will adore them!

SOP… Thanks for responding. I’ll check this out.

About how many grams of the thick did you use for each scarf? *I realize that yardage varies… but, where I live yarn is sold by grams only… I have some odds and ends of thicker yarns… and plenty of mohair … so, I’d like to know if I’ll ‘probably’ have enough yarn before I start out.

My yarns are sold in either 50 or 100 gram skeins when I buy them.

I love them and I think that they’d go pretty fast… ??? Right?

Oooh, so fun!!! I love them :inlove: I hope you have a blast with your friends, sounds like a wonderful time!

Beautiful colors, I wish I was one of those friends :mrgreen:

First of all, the Berroco “Hip Hop” is a thick/thin chunky yarn (makes the look of the scarf really unique) and it is 100 grams/76 yds. The thin is Crystal Palace Kid Merino (lace weight kid merino) and 25 grams/240 yds. The lace weight combined with the thick/thin chunky is the trick. I think since the Hip Hop is thick/thin and the fat “worms” aren’t just uniform “fat” it gives a more trendy look also. It isn’t so “even” if you know what I mean. It is easy; just looks hard. All you do is knit and purl.Just remember to have the working yarn in the correct position to knit or purl. I used an Addi circular. You have to slide the work to the other end at times to have the new yarn you are picking up in position. I know one person who did this scarf on a huge double pointed needle and just alternated a tip protector on one end.

SORRY! I used [U]one ball/hank[/U] of each for one scarf. You will have leftover yarn; especially the kid merino.

those look great–I love the green!

WOW! How beautiful!
You’re friends are very lucky.
I’m sure you’ll have a great time.
By the way: great choice in music!

NICE JOB! :thumbsup: