Loop Stitch -- loops keep pulling out

I’m trying to make “loop stitches” to make a “lion’s mane” for a stuffed animal. The instructions in the book are for a 3-loop stitch, but every time I follow the pattern (exactly – I found a youtube video that is the same as the written instructions in the book) - How To Knit Three Loop Stitch - YouTube- when I pull on one of the loops at a time (as opposed to all three at a time), the loops pull out. This is NOT good for a little kid, whose fingers will get caught in the loops and eventually pull out the lion’s mane.

I’ve found a “single” loop stitch - Knitting Loop Stitch - How To Knit The Loop Stitch - YouTube-, which LOCKS each loop in place – but it takes forever to make THREE of them for each stitch, AND by the time I get to the third loop, the knitting is too tight to pull the stitches into a triple loop stitch.

Can anyone tell me how to EASILY do a three-loop stitch, SO THAT THE LOOPS ARE LOCKED IN PLACE, and don’t end up falling apart if I pull on one loop at a time???

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated – since I’m pulling my hair out trying to get this finished. Thank you!!!


Welcome to KH!

This pattern uses single loops and gives a luxuriant mane. I’ve made if for children and it stands up to use as a washcloth.
Perhaps working the stitch more frequently or on a few more rows would substitute for the triple loop?

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THANK YOU for your response AND for the welcome!!!

Actually, the loop stitch in your pattern is the same as the only one I’ve found to work – and locks in the loops so they don’t pull out. But yeah, it’s frustrating to have to do one loop at a time, instead of three at a time. It takes a whole lot longer to knit, to make up the extra loops (I’ve been knitting for the past six hours, and only have HALF of the lion’s mane finished).

Take care, and have a good night!!!

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