Loop Stitch for a Hedgehog

I’m working on a hedgehog from Sarah Keens 100 little knitted projects. It is going well but I am struggling to understand the given instructions on how to create the loop stitch. Here are the instructions, if anybody has any advice or could translate this passage into something a beginner might find slightly easier, I would be very grateful. I looked on Youtube for some tutorial videos but none of them seem to match the instructions and I don’t want to mess up. Thank you!


This is so adorable. Here’s a video for one version of a loop stitch. It’s slightly different from your directions but it’ll work.

Fortunately, we have an expert in hedgehogs on the forum, @gramercy


Okay. I will try that method, Thank You! The video doesn’t load properly for me so I will try again later. The problem with the method that I was using is that the loops come through on the side that they are knitted on, in this case the wrong side. the method in the book (somehow) must get them to come through on the opposite side to the one that I am knitting. I don’t really know how! I will continue to try, thanks!

Okay, so I have watched the video and this is actually the exact method that I was using. I think that it is a really simple way of creating a loop but unfortunately the problem above still occurs. I will keep trying to figure it out though!

The video shows wrapping around the thumb, in front of the knitting. If you wrap around the left finger, that should put the loop on the opposite side.

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Thank you kindly - I wouldn’t venture to knit my tinsel wool hedgies with loop stitch though! I did make a loop sheep teapot cosy once, which worked well. I don’t have a photo as it now lives on a pot in Aberdeen :wink: