Loom Knitting

I am a new knitter. I am wondering how to keep my loom stitches even when I am trying to flat knit (a scarf) on a loom (green size, knifty knitter). I am trying to be careful and am wondering how to prevent the edge from curling too. I follow the flat knitting instructions in the “Learn to Knit on Circle Looms” book. I’ve unravelled my hoped for scarf at least three times!! Help!! Thank you for any help you can give!!

there are several techniques for loom knitting…

one uses both sides of the loom
this creates a double sided fabric, that is thick, plush and warm.
It won’t curl

you can also use a circular loom or half the pins on a straight loom to do a form of stocking knit stitch… and this (like all sorts of stocking knit stitch!) will curl.

It is possible (*but a bit tricky!) to do a purl stitch on a loom.

a few purls (ribbing (alternate column of knits and purls) will help resolve the curling… so will seed stitch (a checkerboard pattern of knit & purls)

but stocking knit curls!

a scarf knit in the round (on a circular loom) is double thick (a flattened tube) and this won’t curl… (but many looms are designed for chunky weigh ‘wool’/yarn and making a doubles scarf (either flat loom doubled) or a circular one (flattened tube) is going to make a thick (and expensive) scarf.


Thank you for your help. I am following the instructions but my stitches at the end of the piece end up larger than the others. when I am using the loom to go back I end up with a lopsided end.

Be sure to let us know when you figure it out! I’ve only used the looms for hats (which I loved). But, I plan on trying some flat knitting when I get time.:knitting:

Yea, let us know…I just bought a rectangle (purple) loom with no instructions…(ahh what the heck it was only 50 cents) but I can’t figure it out…

I read from someone here a few months ago that she had knit a hat on a loom. Since I have yet to brave the “in the round” or dpn’s, I checked around, found free instructions and free patterns and proudly made my first hat!:cheering:

Hope these will help all of you looking for help with looms. :knitting:


I haven’t bought a pattern or a book since I started knitting last year. There are SO many free resources online. I like free :happydance: