Loom Knitting Question/Problem

I’m new to this forum and haven’t seen any loom knitting discussions. Maybe I missed them, but nevertheless, I need help figuring out why I always get a diagonal ridge on the caps I knit on a round loom. (I just started knitting on looms a couple of months ago, and don’t know how to do regular knitting). The caps look great as I’m making them, but then I begin to notice a diagonal pattern that must occur because of which peg I use when I start a new row. That’s my theory, but I don’t know how to solve it. I always loop counterclockwise, then after pulling the last loop over, I start on the very next peg. I tried backing up one, but still got the diagonal ridge and even worse, got a lump! Does anyone out there know how to loom knit without this problem? I hope I have explained it clearly enough. Thanks for any help anyone out there might give!

Check out Mikey’s loom knitting tutorials. I think he’s great at explaining how to do it. I can’t remember which video it was, but he explained how to overcome that problem. Sometimes we just learn a technique the wrong way and need to relearn the basics from an expert. I watch Youtube videos all the time and am always learning how to knit better.

Under the ad box at this site, there’s a search box. Type in loom knitting. He has a bunch of videos on how to make different items.