Loom knit blanket - cast off too tight...HELP!!!

Hi all,
I made a loom knit blanket. Unfortunately I cast off too tight so the ends of the blankets don’t match. I already finished the cast off and removed the blanket from the loom. Is there any way to return the blanket to the loom and remove the cast off, then try again? I’m completely new to knitting and so upset! This is a gift for someone and it turned out so well, minus this issue. Any ideas how I can fix it?

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When you cast off, do you pull one stitch through the other like a pot holder made on a loom or do you lift a new stitch over another as in hand knitting?
I don’t loom knit but if you have a knitting needle handy you could try taking out the sts one at a time similar to this and placing them back on the loom. A sturdy wire might work too.

I know this is on needles but you can work the same idea with a single needle (or wire) in the left hand and the knit blanket in the right hand. Just one stitch at a time.

Start watching at 10:40. I’m not sure how I can put it back on the loom since I compellingly finished and took it off. I missed the part about not making it tight obviously :frowning:

It looks like you’re going to have to pull out the cast off row if you really want to make the ending looser. I suggest a knitting needle or some sturdy sort of thing like a chopstick or pencil so that you don’t lose sts as you pull out the cast off. Then you can take out about 10sts, put them back on the loom and cast off more loosely. You can pull it bit of extra yarn into each loop to keep it loose.
As you come close to binding off the last sts, undo 10 more sts and put them on the loom. Repeat the cast off.
The only alternative I can imagine is to pull quite a bit of extra yarn into the last stitch bound off and then work that yarn into each stitch until you reach the first cast off stitch. This sounds difficult and tedious though.

I actually went home and decided to try a couple of methods before seeing this reply. Just in case you are interested, here was what I did. I first just tried putting the last row of stitches before the cast off back onto the loom. That was a fail because it was too tight to do after the first 5 stitches, I was then left with 5 loose stitches. My next attempt I tried putting those same stitches on a needle, again after 5 stitches it was too difficult and frustrating. As my final attempt, I pulled out the working yarn from the cast off stitch by stitch, placing the stitches back onto the loom at each release. This was fast, easy and worked like a charm. I then re-did the cast off and it looks perfect now :-).

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Good to know and wonderful that you were able to fix the cast off! It’ll be a lovely gift, I’m sure.