Loom hat decrease

Hello, I hope I can get some help. I started a hat for my son, to encourage and teach my daughter loom knitting. He does not want a poof on top so I want to make it less bulky. I have read a little on decrease, but am unsure when to start, which technique, and when to stop and cast off. I am using a Martha Stewart Square loom with 72 pegs. I am knitting one “round” and purling the next. Please keep any help simple and remember I barely know how to spell purl let alone anything else! Thanks!!!

The folks here are mainly needles and yarn knitters. I did look at youtube and there are a lot of videos there for loom knitting a hat. You might check out some of them. Meanwhile, maybe someone else can be more helpful.


Yep, this forum is for hand knitters. There may be a few who use looms so. Check you tube and be patient for help here.

Here are some basic directions and measurements that may help with size and decreases on your hat.

This may be one of those projects that is mostly trial and error, so let me recommend using a lifeline. The concept is simple: basically you insert a piece of contrasting yarn through a row (or round) of stitches that you know is correct (and before you get to the complicated part). Then if you mess up and have to pull out your work, you won’t be able to unravel it past this row (or round).

I think this video might tell you how to insert a lifeline for loom knitting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcoLVWP3mzA&list=PLY333-QNB0B-MUPj3YlBOE-gNBAVj-oGk. I haven’t watched it because I have to run, so check it out and see if it makes sense.

I started in Youtube, but it seemed decrease method depended on peg count. I have watched numerous video, but all were Kniffty Knitters with maximum of 48 pegs. I did send out a few requests and have yet to receive a reply. I understand these things take time, but each of you were very kind to respond and provide links that I am looking through today. I would hate to start decreasing without the proper information and ruin all my work. If I seem frustrated you are correct, but I appreciate your time and help. I plan on saving this page for my girl as she wants to use needles too.

I just found another person to contact with recent posts! I am very excited, but I could not have found her without your links! Thank you again ladies. Who knows maybe my son will have a hat before winter is over and my girl will pick up knitting! I may tackle a purse or hat for the wife as a surprise. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I’m glad you found what you need. I know there are a lot of loom knitters and I’m surprised there isn’t more help specific to loom knitting. You need a site that is just for loom knitters to ask questions and help each other figure things out. The most important thing is that you can do something you enjoy and produce a finished item that you’re glad to have made and will be useful. Even though we aren’t loom knitters, I’m sure that if you’d like to share a photo when you’re done that we’d love to see it. Best of luck and enjoy!