Looking for Ying Yang Chart

Hello !

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a Chart of Ying Yang. I have done a search on Yahoo, but just can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I copied a ying yang picture and did a knit pro chart, but it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it. I am planning to make a pillow with a Ying Yang on it with my best friend’s name under it for Christmas.

Thank you for the help !

I have seen one, and even bookmarked it on my computer for future use for wristbands for my dd, but my computer is on the blitz right now (I’m borrowing my ds’s). :rollseyes: Anyhoo, I do know it’s out there somewhere.


I found this one lol but any others I would be greatful too!!

Thank you !

Okay, do you mean other charts or just yin yang charts?

ying yang charts!!!

I made this for my son. I used the knit pro site and colored in the pattern so it would be clearer. If you google images for yin yang, maybe you can find a size that would work.

oh Ingrid that is soooo what I am looking for !!! You don’t happen to have a copy of that chart somewhere do you? I just think the one I made looks all boxy.

I’ll have to look around. I used the knitpro thing and it worked well. If I can find it I’d be happy to send you a copy.

Ok i know this is huge but I can’t get the pic to resize.

I don’t understand the shades of grey that are around the yin yang.

Do I make it all black?

Or do I just not worry about the different tints and leave them out?

Thank you so much !

Ingrid if you have that pattern it would soooooooooo help out lol !!! I confoose meself way way too easy lol.

That’s exactly what I had to work with. I colored in the grays that would make the small circles the same sizes, and I colored in the other grays to make them as symmetrical as possible.

I’m pretty sure I used the darker boxes of the small circle to use as a guide to get them as round as possible. Sit down with an pencil and just color–it doesn’t have to be exact.

I’ll look, though.

Thank you so much !!! :smiley: I was like ummmmmmmmmmmmmm :??

I have a hard time with charts to begin with lol!

But I’ll have to make like 4 pillows with ying yangs on them, so I should get used to it lol.

Thank you Thank you !

Gonna go print it out now :thumbsup:

If you need any help, holler! Making intarsia pillows is great because if the back is messy, who cares!!!

exactly what I was thinking lol. I just made a pillow for my step mom with a pentacle on it and dang was it a mess. But it doesn’t show hehe after I stitched it up. So that should make for a nice ummm YULE gift lol.

What holiday do you give yin yangs for? :?? :smiley:

LOL for Christmas to the people that I have no idea what to knit for. My Dad who doesn’t seem to like anything is a very hard person to shop and knit for. My Uncle who has everything you can think of… is another. And my bestfriend loves loves loves ying yangs. I thought it would be the perfect gift for all 3. Plus I found this site:
and am going to knit their names on the bottom in runes using the chart from this site:
I thought if I started now maybe I wouldn’t have to rush through the cold months.

I wish I could motivate myself to start now. My son is very much into Kung Fu so the other part of the scarf has a Praying Mantis on it. I like the Rune idea too, with our Scandinavian heritage.

This might sound like a stupid question but what do you call it when you knit a pattern like a ying yang something like for example that scarf.


PS That scarf looks really sharp.

Thanks! When you knit a picture or design in the middle of a field of background, it’s called intarsia.

Thanks, I`ve been trying to find that out for awhile now.