Looking for Yarn Suggestion for Baby Blanket

I’m a beginner knitter about to start a simple garter stitch baby blanket. I planned on using Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran but read that it doesn’t wear well and pills very easily. Any suggestions for another soft, durable, machine washable yarn for a baby blanket?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I recently bought some Blue Sky Alpaca organic cotton yarn
Here are some reviews http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/secure-html/onlineec/reviewList.asp?pcvgid=426

I just made a beautiful (if I say so myself :slight_smile: !!) baby blanket for my granddaugter to be, out of Debbie Bliss BABY Cashmerino. It is so soft :)and I have used it before (basically it is about all I use for baby things)and I don’t think it pills that easily. Maybe others have had different experiences?!
Anyway if I can sit down and figure out how to send a picture of it, I will.

I asked this a few weeks back, try doing a search for that thread!


I found the thread you mentioned and it was really helpful - thanks!