Looking for yarn substitute

I am working with a vintage pattern that calls for “Sirdar Majestic Wool 3-ply” yarn. I don’t think this is produced anymore. How do I go about finding out what the weight and fiber was of that yarn so that I can find a substitute?

Knowing the gauge the pattern calls for would help as you can then look at the ball band or info provided online to see if it’s similar. I’ll leave suitable substitutes to people who know more about the various yarns.

Ah, that is a good idea. It says 8 stitches and 10 rows to 1 inch. What do I do with that info?

Based on that I figure a dk or aran/light worsted. If you have some yarn in either size, you could see how close you come to the gauge and proceed from there.

It won’t be worsted at 8 sts per [B]inch[I]. [/I][/B]That would be a light fingering weight - just what a 3 ply is (in ply weights). Lace is 2 ply, fingering/sock yarn is 4 ply.

If this is the yarn it’s considered light fingering weight.

Plies don’t always mean much with yarn. It depends on how it’s spun.

Wow, that would be a really fine yarn, if that is right.
Someone should invent a tool on the internet where you punch in your guage and it tells you what the weight of the yarn is so you can find a substitute. Or maybe that has been invented already?