Looking for wrap or shawl pattern

Hi everyone!

I’m hoping to make my mom a wrap or shawl type thing for her
birthday. She really likes Native American art of all types and
I though it would be nice to knit her a wrap with that sort of
feel. Does anyone know of any patterns I might check out?
I’m not having much luck with my search, I suspect I just haven’t
hit upon the right search phrase yet :slight_smile:

Libbie :slight_smile:

Here’s a shawl pattern you can purchase:


Here’s a close-up view:


Here’s another one made with Lorna’s Laces:


I am working on this arrowhead poncho/ wrap that I just LOVE! the two cables make it look like an arrowhead, possibly going with your native american theme. Check out my projects on ravelry, I am Greenwitchknitter on that site. Good Luck. Have you also looked at pattern central website? thats where I find so many free patterns…

Thanks for the links! Those are not quite right but nice all the
same :slight_smile: I have been looking at Navajo blankets and thinking of
using the patterning and colors in one of those that I like to
just make my own wrap of some type.

Thanks again…
Libbie :slight_smile: