Looking for worsted merino/nylon blends


I am looking for recommendations for worsted weight (preferably superwash) merino/nylon yarns. I see this combo a lot in sock yarns, and I like how it has the benefits of a soft, washable merino but with more resilience because of the nylon. However, I just don’t use such skinny yarn that often. Does anyone make a good merino/nylon yarn in thicker weights?

I’ve used Knit Picks Chroma yarn before. It was for a donation so I don’t know how it holds up.
Maybe someone else can comment?

You might also look at Berocco Vintage and Cotolana which are wool blends of various kinds with some nylon.

What kind of project are you considering? There are many worsted wool/microfiber blends available or does it have to be nylon?

Opal makes a “light worsted” weight wool/nylon yarn. I got mine at Little Knits for a good price. I’ve not seen it in solids if that’s what you’re wanting.

It probably doesn’t have to be nylon, but I’d like more merino than synthetic. I’m wanting it for things like sweaters, and items that get heavy use.

I’m also considering just holding something like knitpicks stroll double, but that seems like it wouldn’t quite make a worsted.

Felici Worsted

Bare Felici Worsted

Naturally Caron country is a worsted/aran weight merino blend. It is listed in Ravelry as discontinued, however you can find it many places on the internet and the colours are fabulous. All of the knitpicks suggestions are great, they have lovely yarns but as a retiree on a pension I find that the caron yarns are a little more budget friendly.