Looking for women's Henley style sweater pattern

I was in my LYS the other day and saw a nice Henley style woman’s sweater. Unfortunately the owner didn’t recall where she got the pattern from. This is a long-sleeved pullover with an all-over rib-like pattern. The sleeve were inset, not raglan. If anyone knows where I can find the pattern (either free or to purchase) please let me know.


It’s a Knitty Pattern.


Is this the one?


I had bookmarked the knitty pattern as a future project but the one I was looking for is not as low cut and could be either worn by a man or a woman.
Thanks. If I were more savvy I suppose I could alter the neckline to make it unisex but I suck at anything other than following the printed pattern, or actually I’ve never been brave enough to attempt to alter a design. Perhaps I should give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out I rip.

Here is a unisex sweater (sized for men or women) that says it is a Henley style called Pompey’s Pillar Pullover. Scroll down.

It would be simple to change Thermal - you start the neckline part several inches higher. I think Knitting pure and Simple has a henley sweater pattern too.