Looking for two color sided cast on

Hi knitters:
Any one know how to cast on two colors for a reversable scarf?

Are you thinking of a double knit scarf? I’m thinking in that case that you might want it end up looking one color on one side and the other color on the opposite side. Is that what you are attempting?

If you just want to cast on so that every other stitch is a different color, like–red, white, red, white all the way across (which may work for double knitting as well, although I have only done DK once and don’t remember for sure about the CO requirements) you can use various cast ons.

I just tried doing a long tail cast on, putting a slip knot of one color, and next to it a slip knot with the second color, then casting on alternately with the two colors. It works after a fashion.

Then I tried both a knitted on cast on and the cable cast on. They both work real well. Just start with a slip knot in one color and knit into it with the second color and then alternate for the knitted and after the first stitch, between the stitches for the cable cast on. I liked these 2 better than the long tail result.

Other cast ons may work too, but those are the ones I tried.