Looking for Transformers Patterns!

Good morning!!

My kids and I watched a sneak preview of Transformers last night – Oh. My. Word. That movie was the BEST movie I’ve seen my entire life!! :woohoo: My boy, a serious Harry Potter fan, said even Harry and Ron would have liked Transformers!! :teehee:

Anyhow … I was wondering if anyone ever came across a transformers type knitting pattern anywhere? I saw some machine knit caps on eBay, but nothing else so far.


I found these charts for decepticon and autobot awhile back. They have been in my to knit queue for awhile.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

THANK YOU :muah: THANK YOU :muah: THANK YOU!!! :muah:

I was just thinking last night of picking up some graph paper and trying to chart it out!

I’m so flippin’ happy :woohoo: at 5:22 am in the morning! :woot:

wow. those are just amazing. what a throwback to the good old days. somewhere around here i know i’ve still got that gold vw bug transformer. i just couldn’t get rid of it. :teehee:

I think I saw a Transformers hat on Craftster possibly with a pattern. I love Transformers!

I did an illusion scarf with Decepticons on it last summer. see my blog thread for a pic or two. LMK if you have questions. :smiley:

A word of caution if you use these charts… they are not knitting charts. Knitting charts have something like a 5:7 ratio as where these charts seem to be 1:1. That means that if you go by these exactly, your autobots and decepticons will look kind of squished.

i’ve never actually used a chart. how would you convert it? :think:

Ditto! :??

If you have a pic in your computer, you can go here and make your own.

Just make sure you click one of the knitting settings. (Preferably portrait, unless your pic is sideways)

thanks!!! :muah:

I actually find that with stranding, my stitches become fairly square. I can’t decide which technique would be better for this yet… but I might make myself one! Maybe an Autobots hat for when I am feeling good and Deceptikons for my naughty days. Te hee. This would make great socks for someone who appreciates such things as knitting and killer robots.

:roflhard: knitting and killer robots :roflhard: Makes me crack up because I brought my Harry Potter PoA scarf with me to the Transformer movie to knit during the previews :roflhard:

LadyV -> wanna tag team this one? you chart the Autobots and I’ll chart the Decepticons? :teehee: I’m sure we could get this done in between all of our other projects :happydance: :teehee:

i may have to take you up on that. i just got back from seeing it tonight and i just have one thing to say…


i even painted my toenails in preparation for tuesday night/wednesday. am i good or what? :teehee:

bumblebee [I]and[/I] hufflepuff. i guess you could say i wear my pride on my toes. i’m such a dork. :oo: :roflhard:

LadyV - you are too funny!

madametj posted this one over in the stashbuster ideas thread. thought i’d post it here in case anyone missed it. it’s a really cool dishcloth. now the question is, how many of these can i make before i’m completely sick of them and never want to look at another transformer again? :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

PG notes NOT to let her son see that pattern.

and i wasn’t even looking this time. really. :chair:


Whoa. Her husband designed that pattern? Coolness.