Looking for toilet mat pattern

I am looking for a pattern for a toilet mat with rounded edges. I haven’t had any luck yet.

Plus, I have a huge stash of 100% Acrylic yarn and I thought may I could double the strands and use that to make a toilet and bath mat. Any ideas?

Acrylic isn’t absorbent so won’t do so well for a bathmat. It would be as a throw rug over carpeting (so it won’t slip).

There are a bunch of rugs on Ravelry, but the only one I see with rounded corners is from a book called The Knitted Rug. It’s suggested yarn is cotton. You’d have to use a non slid mat under anything though.

They have those books used on Amazon and you may be able to get it from your county library system.

For the mat around the toilet, you could sketch out the size you need and use a little shaping around the corners and in a U shape. As I was describing it below, I realized you’d shape it like you do the neckline and shoulders of a sweater - the ‘shoulders’ would be the ‘legs’ that go around the sides of the toilet.

Start at the wide edge, inc at the ends for a few rows (either every row or every other one) then knit straight for several inches. Mark off the center stitches for the width you need, then work across one ‘leg’ to the center, BO and work the other leg. Do the shaping every other row at the bound off stitch edges, probably for 2 or 3 times each side, and work the legs until they’re the length you need.

And I agree with Jan, both of these would be better in cotton.

The Mason-Dixon books/patterns have the DIZZY RUG. It’s roundor oval.

They also have the CIRCLE OF FUN RUG!

They also have the KIKI MARIKO RUG!

They also have this rug, which is my favorite, although it’s not round. It’s my fav!

All of these rugs are viewable on Ravelry. Just type in Mason-Dixon rugs in the pattern search.