Looking for this bootie pattern

I am in love with this bootie pattern (the pink or blue ones), unfortunately, I can’t speak the language or find it. Please help.

Oh those are too cute, sorry I have never seen them before, if someone has I hope they answer as I would love to try them also :slight_smile:

I would like to have that pattern as well…

Do you know what language it is? I thought maybe Dutch, but the translators can’t seem to help so I dont know.

Danish I think??

I just used a language guesser and it seems to be Norwegian!

From what I get I think it’s called Rosa Baby Booties, but I’m not positive. :shrug:

Not sure about Norway, but I have an aunt in Denmark and she can’t follow Danish knitting patterns as they hold their needles differently to her (English) so the directions are confusing - maybe it’s just continental???

I can’t find any directions…or were there some on that page? :??

It says she got the pattern from Dansk Mohair and it gives a link… but I couldn’t find them or understand if I did :teehee: they are cute…

the green pair is linked to here

I found a few more samples of them and they all say they’re from a pattern from Dansk Mohair but they were also all made in 2005. So it’s possible that company is no longer in business. You could try emailing them and asking.

The website is Danish but I can’t find an online translator for Danish so I’ve no idea

Yup, I think Danish. Why don’t you try emailing the blogger herself? Her address is just on the right if you click on mail. Ask her if she knows where you can get an English Version. Who knows… maybe if she can’t she could translate it for you!

I looked on the Dansk Mohair site too. Sometimes there are buttons to change the language, but I don’t seem to find one.

These are SUPER cute. I would love to make a pair!

I did email the blogger several days ago, but haven’t heard anything yet. Still hoping to find something. I keep looking at all the sites I can. Thanks for all the help. Sherry

I tried translating from Danish to english and got gibberish for the most part, but norwegian gave me actual english. :shrug:

that’s a useful site to know about! Couldn’t find Danish on it though! I meant the mohair website ending in DK as that’s usually a Danish website, but most Scandinavians I work with understand each other depending on dialect or area they’re from as the languages are related - there must be a forum user here who could translate it though!

Still looking, just not finding. At least I’ve got 50 other knitting projects to keep me busy. Sherry

These are SO cute! Did you see the update on her blog in English on these? (See below).

ATTENTION: (Added March 19, 2007) I get emails just about every day about these booties! I know you love them just as much as I do :smiley: Everyone wants the pattern, or wants to know where to buy it! I have contacted Dansk Mohair and asked if this is a pattern I can share, but they have said no. So you have to email them personally if you want to ask about the pattern! The emailadress is mohair@danskmohair.dk .

I have repeatedly emailed the company, with no luck. Thanks so much to all who helped. Sherry

I was looking for this pattern also, and just happen to come across it by accident posted here (http://susaninstitches.blogspot.com/2007/10/bluebell-bootees.html)

excellent detective work: COUgAR

The only difference that I see is that one has more ridges in a row to make it more ‘puffy’… and that would be easy to change.