Looking for the Austermann Step yarn pattern

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about this but here goes…

I bought Austermann Step sock yarn a couple years ago and I finished one sock and left the second sock with only 2 inches. And I decided to finish the sock but then I realized I didn’t have the pattern anymore and my local yarn stores don’t sell this yarn anymore. So if anyone has the Austermann Step sock yarn pattern (I think its pattern #11) and can provide it to me I’d be grateful.

Is it this one? I found it through Ravelry for Step Sock by Austermann.
If not and you only have a couple inches left you should be able to complete it w/o the pattern. Is it a basic cuff down sock pattern? Most basic socks follow the same formula.

Thank you, that pattern will do the trick. And as an added bonus it includes the kids pattern and I want to tackle a pair of socks for my kids once I finish this pair. Though I’ll likely be using Regia or another yarn for their socks.

I love Knitting Help.com, so many helpful and kind people.