Looking for sweater pattern

I’m looking for a womens pullover sweater pattern with a boatneck. I found one on Woolbaa website and was ready to purchase it. But i don’t want to provide my home address. I just want to pay for a download pattern. Ive contacted the company 2 times and never heard back.
So can anyone point me in the direction of a new pattern?
It is also a rolled boatneck.
Tension is 22st and 30 rows for 10cm/4" square.
The pattern I found from Woolbaa happened to be knit down which would be. nice because I want to make it short at the waist and 3/4 sleeves.
Thanks for any help.

That is one of my pet peeves as well. Why do they need all my personal info if I’m paying and it’s a download. I’d accept it if it was free (I still would not participate). I’m in a sewing group & there are 2 “sew-alongs” that I’d love to be part of. But not only do you have to “join” a 2nd site (already in the main site membership) but you have to watch them online. Pay $30 for just one & you don’t even get to download it. The money entitles you to look at the videos as often as you like but you never own anything. I’m sorry. But that is not acceptable. For 30 bucks I expect something in my hand. I think they are trying to prevent people from sharing patterns etc.

A boatneck used to be pretty common. I’ll see if they are still around.

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I love boat neck, it looks so elegant.

There are some 4000+ on ravelry if you use that site.
You can narrow a search by yarn gauge and various other options too.

I hope you find one you like.

There are also lots in the Drops site. These are all free and readily available online without downloading. I like to print them out or save a screen shot so I can write notes on it.
A few on the search I don’t really consider proper boat neck, but even so there are some lovely sweaters there.

I also wouldn’t want to give my home address for a download, what for?
I will give my home address to a company who need to deliver a real object, not a download.

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Seeing the pattern you wanted would help. Could you link to it please.

I get free patterns from sites that require my address but I make one up. I think one I use is 0 No St, Notown. I fake a phone number also, most sites accept 000-000-0000. Knit Picks offered a free pattern once and wanted a credit card number before they would let you get the pattern. Enough of us complained about it that they sent the pattern to us for free, no info required. I won’t give out a card number for a free pattern. Full stop. I think sites should set things up so that freebies don’t go through the sales process.

If the pattern is a download, I just make up an address and phone number. Just make sure that the zip code is correct for the credit card to go through. Also you need to have the correct email. Other wise they really don’t need your personal information.

Hi Gypsym00n I don’t have a zip code. I live in Canada. But thanks for your advice.

boatneck sweater

Grumpy Gramma here is a picture of the sweater I’d like to knit.


Please see picture below

Top down boat neck raglan sleeves.
This one is similar from the drops site. You can move the stripes to where you prefer them and make the sleeves in a single colour. If you don’t like the little holes detail along the raglan edge someone here could help in doing a more plain version like in the sweater you like.

Here’s a couple more that could be altered for a roll neck and 3/4 sleeves.

They’re both bottom up but that can work.

Thanks so much for the pattern. I really like the raglan sleeves and of course the boat neck too. Unfortunately it has a much bigger tension. 16 sts vs 22 sts. So i really dont know how this pattern would work. If you have any suggestions id be happy to hear them. Thanks!

I’ve made this sweater before and I like the way it came out. It’s quite simple although it is not top down. https://www.allfreeknitting.com/Knitted-Sweaters/Bateau-Sweater-from-Patons

Oh wrong tension. I think I just have missed where you put the yarn weight.
This one is DK yarn.
You can still put in the different colours you wanted.
If you’re not sure how we can help.
Or the nautical stripes top salmonmac posted is lovely. You could add length in the body and arms easily enough.