Looking for someone to spin alpaca wool

Hello. I do not spin but I have alpaca wool I would love to have spun so I can knit my children a blanket. Can anyone suggest someone I can speak to about spinning the wool for me? I live in the suburbs of North Atlanta and would like to find someone local but I am willing to ship it to someone who can spin it for me.
Any help would be very much appreciated.

You might check to see if there is a local spinning guild. Also check local yarn stores for any spinning groups they may have.

I suspect this won’t be easy nor cheap. Spinning while enjoyable is a lot of work and a big time commitment.

Thank you Jan. After looking into it further, I have decided to take on a new hobby and try it myself.
Love the cat picture btw.

That’s a good idea. My friends love it. 3 of them have mini-spinners now. Lol I crash social spinning on Tuesdays and knit with them.

Thanks! She passed away a couple years ago at the age of 19. She was a Ragdoll breed and her name was Marshmallow. Her fur was different than other breeds… It was soft and fluffy. One of my spinner/knitter friends took a bit of her fur and said she could have spun it. Too bad I didn’t save it all those years.

I had 3 Himmalayans and loved them all dearly. I lost my last one a few years ago. 2 were seal point and one was blue point.

I see that you have already found a solution! I’ll just excuse myself.

Good luck on your alpaca blanket. I’m sure it will be lovely.