Looking for Some Cable Socks Patterns

I just finished my Rainy Day Socks and have some yarn (w balls of 50g each of Knitpicks Essential in Meteor Twist [navy & purple] color which I got in a trade) and am dying to try some cabled socks. Any pattern suggestions???

Here’s a couple


Thanks. I recently saw a post where someone started regular plain sock then just made one large cable down the front. Very cool. Wish I could find it again.

I’m making these http://www.cidermoon.com/cm0127.html. I hoping to get them finished this week so I can post them on the August Challenge. Maybe you are remembering the post from redheadrachel - http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/forum/showthread.php?t=63714.

Thanks, yes, it was red’s sock I was thinking about!
I like that other one too, thanks again!

lu- thanks for this post! i want to knit some red cabled socks… i wanted to do the tyrolean (sp?) stockings from IK, but my yarn is too small and i don’t know how to adjust the pattern.
Knitknut- thanks, i am going to use thatpattern for my red socks :slight_smile:

I started a cabled sock KA but no one seems to be interested.

I’m searching for one I saw a while back which was simple except for 2 small cables running down each side of the foot. I guess it’s easy enough to figure without a pattern.

Would it be this one?
There is another one with a cable going down each side of the sock. urgh Apple something.
ahh the brain just kicked in, try this


This one has cables alternating with ribs.



check out these…

Hereis a pattern that I want to try soon by Eunny…she has another cabled pattern on her site too but it’s not free…

Cookie A. also has some neat cable patterns… twisted flower is on my to do list…

Drunken beesis also on my to do list…

and Cable net from knitty

Crooked Cablesock from sockbug…

Cable Twist

The Wonky Cable Cabin

Knitpicks also has a Cabled sock…

not all of them are free though…

that is what I have on the top of my to do list :teehee:… I’ll look around for some more…

Also in Sensational Knitted Socks is a baby cable rib… you don’t use a cable needle and it’s a pretty sock…

Dustinac, thanks I love and want to knit most of those now!!!

Doesn’t Cookie A. have any FREE patterns?!? I like her stuff! I can see why she was on KG now!

I love her socks too…yep she does have a few…

Twinkle Toes which is the KG show sock
BFF Sock this one is on Cookie’s blog which is down right now… and I think this is the only free one with cables…

There are a couple free cabled sock patterns at IK’s website - they’re under new patterns. I’m thinking about doing the Genome ones…

The Yarn Harlot just posted a cabled sock pattern on her blog today.

Dustinac, thanks so much for those! :woot:
I might try the one called “Monkey”. BTW, that link to the last one, from her blog, (BTW, thanks for the link to her blog), won’t open.

:whoosh:Excuse my ignorance…I’m still relatively knew at this…what’s “IK”???

No worries! It’s Interweave Knits, its a magazine but they have some free patterns on the website as well. I had read the magazine before I joined this forum, but I didn’t know what IK stood for either until someone asked the same question :wink:

Did you mean this one: Basic Cabled Sock

Cookie’s BFF pattern looks like this: BFF. Let me know if you want it - I have it saved on a CD somewhere.

Here are my Twisted Flower socks. They’re tons of tiny little cables, but you have to be pretty comfortable with chart reading and cabling w/o a cable needle.
Twisted Flower 1
Twisted Flower 2
Twisted Flower 3
More and more twisted

ETA: Here’s the archived permalink for the BFF socks - it takes a minute to load.

yeah, the blog is down right now…on ravelry they have that the server died and that Cookie is on vacation right now…it will be back up sometime…

Yarndoc, the Twisted Flower is beautiful! I like something I DON’T have to pay so much attention to charts ;). I end up doing a long of frogging.