Looking for Soft Yarn for Blanket

Hi. I am looking for a soft, inexpensive (preferrably) yarn, that is easy to knit with (NOT Homespun) to make a blanket/afghan for my two kids. My son was bombarding me with questions today on when I can knit this for him and it has to be soft he kept reminding me. :rollseyes: THEENN, my (almost) 3-year old daughter came into my room and was watching me looking at my stash and said “when i become an adult, i can make a soft blanket for carter someday.” :heart: Aaaawww, it was too cute!

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, anyone have any suggestions on the yarn I can use??

i don’t know the name of it but it was at Hobby Lobby and on sale this week. and it is really soft. and the have a lot of bright colors. i don’t know about the price thou. it reminds me of plush but a little furrier. (if thats a word) i’d check out hobby lobby!

Hi Sara, I can tell you that I just finished knitting an outfit (halter top, cap, poncho & tube sox) for my 2 yr old granddaughter and it is EXTREMELY soft and yummy 100% cotton KnitPicks yarn “Crayon”. I have spoken with my friend @ knitpicks who told me that it doesn’t dry up as expected. Of course, bc it’s 100% cotton :doh: ! But, she did tell me that it’s wash in cold water, dry flat to dry & then run it thru the dryer on just air and it fluffs back up with no shrinkage. I will tell you that before I began knitting the projects that I knit a gauge swatch, washed and dried it and it remained the same. But, I was told customers have complained that it shrinks when put in the dryer…lol, as does any 100% cotton, I would think…I am amazed that my swatch didn’t shrink, but I did put it on low and left it in for only a short time.
All this said to tell you that it’s really very, very soft and knits quite nicely and has wonderfully bright colors for kids.
You can check it out right here :wink: …It would look oh so cute in blocks of color like my granddaughter’s poncho, which was made of 2 rectangles of mitered blocks of color. I’ll see if I can find one to reduce for you to see

Thanks Rebecca, I forgot about Crayon. Can you explain mitered blocks to me?

Sara, my apologies :blush: , I am a HORRIBLE teacher. this pattern can explain it in a much better way than I can. I’m sure there is someone here that has wonderful teaching skills (that would be anyone other than me!) that would be able to explain it better than I. After you look over the pattern, if you have any questions, then i can help you from there! FYI, were you to do a blanket like this, you could use the exact c/o, etc, you would just need to use more blocks bc ‘Crayon’ is much smaller than the yarn used in this pattern. Of course, if u want a quick blanket, it could always be doubled…Oh,I just remembered that I think that bernat has a very nice line of children specific yarn…I had forgotten about it, I made some things for my granddaughter with it last Christmas and it’s very soft…I had a look around, this is very, very soft and is machine washable AND dryable, here it is.
I apologize again, I am such a lousy teacher…look over the pattern I linked you and we can go from there, ok?! :wink:

I’m currently using Bernat Satin for an afghan, and while I’m not nearly finished yet and haven’t been able to use the afghan of course, it seems soooooo soft. It’s 100% acrylic so machine washable and dryable, especially good for kids. I give it :thumbsup: :thumbsup: so far.

I’ve used Stylecraft - velvet. Yummy and soft - 50 gram . Then there’s Berroco Chinchilla (63 yd per ball)

Thanks everyone for their suggestions. Now, I need my son to help me pick out the pattern and colors for his blanket and we are on our way! :smiley: