Looking for Sock Patterns on Magic Loop

Hi there,

I’ve made two pairs of socks on the Magic Loop, but don’t care for the pattern. I’d like a sock pattern that is not for knitting two socks at once or from the toe up on the Magic Loop.

I’ve searched on line, but can’t seem to find anything.

(I have difficulty converting patterns from DPNs to Magic Loop.)

Thanks for your help!

Jana :notworthy:

You are going to have a really tough time finding patterns actually written for magic loop. It is just another method of small circular knitting that can be substituted for dpns in any pattern.

If you have trouble thinking of a dpn pattern using magic loop, would it help if you placed stitch markers to denote how the stitches would be distributed if you were doing dpns?? So if you had a pattern that had 60 stitches casted on, divided over 3 needles you would have 20sts per needle. One magic loop you’d have your stitches divided over only 2 needles but you could have on needle 1 the first 20sts, then place a stitch marker, then 10 stitches…and on needle 2 have 10 stitches, place stitch marker, and the final 20 stitches.

Hope that helps.

Hi Knit Queen,

I don’t mean to butt in here, but that is a very good suggestion. I haven’t tried this method yet, but will be taking a class next month to learn socks on two circulars. I was intrigued by this method and watched Amy’s video, but wondered how one would use a regular pattern in this manner.

Thanks for the brilliant answer! :notworthy: