Looking for short row heel sock pattern

I want to try knitting a short row heel sock, because I don’t like the heel that’s usually used. I’m looking for patterns. I’ve already found a basic pattern: http://mary4169.tripod.com/id87.html but I hoped anyone knows some more patterns.

This is a better short row heel and toe, IMHO, due to the fact that after picking up the (wrapped) stitches you then wrap the following stitch once more - so that on the return you will pick up the next stitch and two wraps - and this helps eliminate holes.

The pattern you linked to does not appear to have this instruction.

Can I use the explanation cuff-down? I’m afraid I’m not ready to do toe-up socks but if this is a better explanation I really want to use it.

I don’t see why you can’t! :slight_smile:

The basics are the same for both heel and toe and you should have no problems incorporating them into a cuff-down pattern.

This pattern uses PGR’s short rowing method (also the one I use and love) and is a good one. Also, if you are just venturing into short rows in socks a great sock pattern can be found using the Sherman heel and toe, I love it, also, look here.

Thanks a lot for your advice and patterns. I don’t see any more trouble now. (but more patterns are always welcome)