Looking for seamless top-down baby sweater pattern

I’ve posted about this on Ravelry but received little response, so I hope someone here can help me out.

I’ve already knitted Diane Soucy’s Easy Baby Cardigan. I made the collared version as I’m not keen on the look of the hood in that pattern. At the time of choosing it I was also looking at another, very similar, pattern. I’m even sure that I saw that second pattern only a few days ago… and decided the hood looks a little better than in the Easy Baby Cardigan… yet I simply can’t remember what its called or find any trace of it. Perhaps I’ve been dreaming all of this?!!

So, if anyone can help me out here I’d be very appreciative. Its only the pattern that looks similar to the Easy Baby Cardi that I’m after, ie it is plain stocking stitch, with hood or collar, and opens down the front rather than being a jumper (pullover?). I’m almost positive its a top-down seamless sweater.

This has been bugging me for a couple of days and I still have this mental block. Please, someone help me out here so I can get some sleep LOL!

Have you searched Ravelry yet? I did a few months ago and found a couple dozen. Go to the patterns tab and put in ‘top down baby’ and there should be several that come up.
Here’s a few I found -


Lions website also had a couple, though I might be thinking of a kimono type, rather than a straight cardigan. And the 5 hour baby sweater/easy baby sweater can be done in straight stockinette without the little bobble things.

There are a lot of raglan style sweaters here:


I’ve been making one that’s on their site but not in the list:


Thank you both for replying - some nice suggestions. I did finally manage to work out which pattern I’d seen, with the help of someone on the Ravelry forum.

Are you only interested in free patterns or are you willing to pay a bit? I’ve done some super cute ones lately, but I bought them.

I’ve got these in my favorites and a few are free-

I just completed a top down baby sweater pattern. You can use any standard top down sweater pattern without a hood and add one. I just did one. I picked up stitches around the neckline and knitted this back and forth as a straight piece. For a 6 month size the hood will be about 7-7 1/2 inches long. I did a three needle bind off.