Looking for recent (since 2000) book of children's hats

:doh: A year ago a friend had a knitting shop. In the shop, she had a somewhat small book of children’s hats. They were primarily on a helmet hat base. The designs were delightful fanciful designs just perfect for a young child.

At the time, I had no need for such a book. Now, I do. Our, now 1 yr. old., grandson will be needing hats, warm ones. [We live in Ohio.] Any hat that just sits on his head will be promptly pulled off. Ergo, the need for a helmet hat, which I would like to knit.

The problem is I have no idea what the book’s title is. Just that they are primarily helmet style with whimsical color, yarns, or animal-like attributes.

Can you help me find this book? Sure hope so. :smiley:

I’m no sure what book you’re looking for, but you could take a look through
these and see if there’s something similar to what you want.

That link that Ingy posted completely eliminates the need to EVER purchase a hat book, IMHO. :wink:

May I ask, if you live in OH, why is your screen name BerwynIL?? I live in BerwynIL!!! :cheering:

Its amazing some of these web sites. Where do folks find these things!?!?!? and find the time to post them?!?!?!?