looking for Rainbow Classic yarn

I did it again - got part way through with a project and ran out of yarn. To top it off, the store (JoAnn’s discontinued the line! I’m looking for Sensations Rainbow Classic Pattern in Blue/White Stripe. 2 or 3 skeins. Willing to purchase or trade.

Try Ravelry’s stash list. Good rule of thumb is to buy more than you need. :wink: You can then return it if you don’t need it or do as I do and keep it in stash and later make a striped project.

Thanks for the hint on another place to try. I always do buy more when I know what I’m going to make. I pulled this from my stash to try a new pattern, not realizing it would take more yarn than I had.

I don’t know what you’re making, but sometimes you can use another color of yarn for part of it as contrast. You know a stripe on a hat or the sleeves of a sweater, etc.