Looking for patterns

I’ve got a couple of requests. First, does anyone know of a pattern for a 1-piece knitted swim suit? It seems everything is in 2 pieces. Is that because it’s just too hard to do?

Second, does anyone know of a pattern for a knitted stocking that I can felt until you can’t see the stitches anymore. Seems that what I’ve come across is all plain knitted and nothing allowed for felting. Since I’m pretty much a beginner, I don’t really know how to make something like a stocking larger to allow for felting in the washing machine.


Bathing suit and here is felted slippers.

Do you mean a stocking as in something you actually wear on your feet, or stocking as in Christmas stocking hung by the fireplace with care?

Here’s a pattern for a Christmas type one.


Oh I like those felted booties, Jenelle! Why haven’t I see that before!? :?? Thanks!

Stockings hung over the chimney with care =)

Thanks for the links. As for the swim suit, I wonder, has anyone here knitted that up? Could I just substitute with a yarn that has elastic to make it wearable in the water? That, and add a lining, I suppose.