Looking for pattern for shawl shown on Photowall

Hi, all. I’m new here, just happened on to the site yesterday, and I really like it. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for years, but I taught myself and there are often things I wonder if I I’m doing right or if there’s a better way. I’ve always been a throw knitter, but recently learned Continental, and am enjoying incorporating that style into my abilites. So, glad to be here.

I saw a beautiful shawl on the Photowall. I’ve been looking for a pattern like this - large needle/small yarn creating an open weave. I posted privately to the name on the picture, but apparently it isn’t correct. Can anyone tell me whose pattern this is? It’s the rose mohair with rosettes in the last picture on the third row, and the first picture on the fourth row, currently.

Thank you for any help!

What was the member’s name who knit it? What color was it? We’ve had a lot of members makes shawls so more info would be helpful.

The link on the pictures leads to this flickr page, so the name may be ‘farm4’, which doesn’t sound familiar. It’s the rose pink shawl with roses on it.

That is something that’s Flickr related. If you hold your cursor over the picture it gives you the persons name. It’s knitchicgrace. I can’t find any posts by this member though and I’m not seeing her in the member list. :shrug:

I did a Ravelry search and found her though. The pattern is for sale through Ravelry or Etsy.