Looking for pattern for chunky knit jumper

I love this jumper from a boutique I love. I think it looks like something not too complicated. Has anyone seen any patterns that look similar to this? When I search chunky knit I get very out dated patterns and big big knitted things.
Does anyone have any sites that have more contemporary jumpers? Thanks a lot.

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There are many pages on Ravelry to be sifted through. There are similar sweaters,

and plain ones that could be modified to approximate the sweater you posted.

These are some free patterns from drops

As salmonmac said, there are lots to search through in ravelry
This one is a similar shape and you could probably change the stitch if you wanted a closer texture match to your photo

There are heaps of really contemporary designs, and statement pieces, often too “high fashion” for me but beautiful nonetheless.

Sometimes patterns might look outdated due to a tightly knit neck and cuff or too short and boxy body with a ulky torso and tight rib at the waist making them look out dated. If you look at the patterns as something you can adapt you might find more of them suitable. It’s easy to make necks and cuff looser knit for a more modern relaxed look, or to change the body length.
I think too sometimes the colour or yarn used can effect how modern or dated a piece looks.

This pattern from drops, well personally I hate the stripes and I’m not keen on the side spilts or the longer back but all those things are easily changed and in the right yarn this top would look contemporary.
Where the pattern shows colour changes this could instead be a stitch change like on your photo.

I am not an experienced knitter but I have a tendency to change bits in patterns.

You could generate your own basic pattern using Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit:

Once you’ve bought your yarn and made a swatch, you log in and record your gauge, body measurements, desired style, desired ease, etc., and it creates a basic pattern for you, which you purchase.

You can add the moss stitch and occasional purl stitch details yourself – thay shouldn’t change your gauge.

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P.S. Looks like the yarn is held double in the original jumper. Buying a thinner yarn and holding it double can be more economical than buying chunky or bulky yarn.

Thank you so much. This is so helpful!! Thank you thank you thank you. Sam

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