Looking for pattern for asymmetrical baby cardigan


Anyone be able to recommend a pattern for an asymmetrical baby cardigan for straight needles please. I have found kimonos and others on Rav but they are all in the round.

many thanks,


Asymmetrical? Do you mean like it’s longer on one side?

I think that as long a sthere is no joining- you should be able to knit on straight needles even if it says round. Sometimes round is just easier to hold lots of stitches.

By Asymmetrical I mean that it is larger on one side than another - kind of wraps over.

You can’t knit a kimono in the round, there’s a front opening. The patterns probably say circular needles, but that’s just to hold the stitches and to be more flexible than straight needles, so you would knit it flat, working back and forth. Read through the ones you’ve found and see if that’s so.

I’ve done a very cute kimono with ajour pattern. The pics are in my album. But I, as well, can not see, how that would be knitted in the round.

I finished all pieces seperately: two fronts (that lap over one another and look like a triangle (mostly) with the tip missing.

People confuse knitting in the round with knitting seamlessly. To make a kimono or cardigan you would knit flat unless you make a tube and cut it. Circular needles are often used to hold the sts needed.

All the baby kimonos I’ve seen on Rav have been knit flat. Some are seamless, some in pieces and seamed. Here’s a few, but do check Rav again now that you know. :thumbsup: