Looking for pattern fir knit Christmas stocking Bucilla Reindeer Revel

Looking for the pattern and instructions for Bucilla knit Christmas stocking called Reindeer Revel. Very cute pattern of Reindeer with Christmas lights tangled in its antlers.

I’ve not seen that, sorry!

I did a search and don’t see anyone offering that pattern. There was a thread on Knitting Paradise, but my connection is too slow to handle their site. If you don’t find it on freepatterns.com (which is where a lot of the magazines put up their older patterns) someone might sell theirs on Ebay.


@Marthahe231 Why did you put your personal information on here? We’d rather you didn’t.

Didn’t mean to or even realize I did think the Facebook page did it? Can you fix it? Good with me either way-am just looking for some help with the pattern search.


I edited your post to delete the information. We don’t get many spammers in here now, but those bots can steal information so it’s best not to have personal info in posts which is why I mentioned it. That’s so weird that it randomly showed up though! Did you sign up through FB? If you respond and it does it again I will notify the forum owner so he can check the software settings. The software for this forum (KH) is new so we’re still learning it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help! Knitters are always good people-just some of us aren’t so tech savvy! Thanks again!


Okay, it showed up again so I’ll notify Sheldon. :slight_smile:

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