Looking for off shoulder sweater pattern

do anybody have this pattern?? or anything similar to this…

thanks in advance :slight_smile: [/img]

How about this?

Or this?

How about this?

Or this?

Sorry about the double post!

There’s a similar one on either the Bernat or Paton sites. You have to sign up to download a pattern if you aren’t already.


I have that pattern. Its Bernats made with bernats satin yarn. I am currently knitting it in black for my daughter

Could you or anyone else post this pattern? Although I’m registered, I can’t find it anywhere on their site and all the links I’ve found take you to the homepage, after loading for an unusually long time. I’m dieing to use this pattern! Thanks

This one’s slightly off the shoulder, I love it and want to make it!


I made that sweater in Carons simply soft yarn but it didn’t fit very well. The sleeves were way too long and the off the shoulder part wouldn’t stay off my shoulders and kept bunching up. Plus all the excess sleeves bunched up under my arms too. It was my first time making a sweater so I would definitely make sure you change any measurements to fit your body. I’m a bit short so I intend on taking ALLLLLLLL that collar and neck out as well as the sleeves and redoing it when I finally get the energy to. So depressing… but just holding it up it looks pretty darn good! LoL