Looking for Knitting Books Recommendations

I am interested in books on knitting design and colorwork, including fair isle. I have Designing Knitwear by Deborah Newton and found it very helpful for sweaters. I’ve looked at several books on color and can’t decide. Recommendations for either, anyone? Thank you in advance!

Alice Starmore’s “Book of Fair Isle Knitting” is lovely and a classic.

I like the websites from designers like Ysolda Teague who has several Fair Isle designs.

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Thank you for your recommendations, salmonmac. They are much appreciated. I’d looked at this one to purchase - so good to know it’ will be worth it! Can’t wait to check out the website, too. Are there other designers who do a lot of colour work you’d recommend taking in?

I haven’t seen this book but it gets a very nice review from Franklin Habit who is an experienced knitter himself.

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Ooooh, looks fabulous. Thank you. I just enrolled in Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Fair Isle Vest class on Craftsy and am obsessed with all things fair isle. Thanks for the link!

I suggest Kaffe Fassett’s "Glorious Knitting "book. It was published about 20 years ago but I still use it simply for its wonderful inspirational colour combined with simplicity of stitches ( all stocking or rib) with very stylish shapely results.


Thank you for the recommendation, Tifto. I will look it up!

My introduction to colour work started with ‘Mastering Color Knitting’ by Melissa Leapman. I don’t use it much now but it was very helpful in the beginning!

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Thanks Shintoga, I appreciate the recommendation!

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